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See General Information for descriptions of the various parts mentioned.


Parts for Restoration & Repair

Our products are the top-of-the line, highest quality available today, at incredibly low prices. In most cases, our products are made on original tooling.

Each major item, such as glass balls, etc., are marked with the calendar year that it was manufactured, to enable your grandchildren to know when you restored your Lightning Protection System. Some of the parts that we sell were first put into use 125 years ago, or more!

  • Reproduction ball caps made of aluminum or copper in all three sizes

  •  Ball rings (made on original tooling) either in aluminum or copper

  • Glass and plastic lightning rod balls

  • Arrows in several styles

  • Weathervanes including the animal types - horse, cow, rooster and hog

  • Compass points (made on original tooling) either in aluminum or copper-bronze

  • Replacement ferrules ("bearings") for arrows and vanes

  • Replacement glass for glass tailed arrows (plain stained glass or etched glass in five patterns, or your own custom design)

  • Stands, also known as washer braces, (made on original tooling) either in galvanized steel or solid copper

  • Solid copper scroll braces

  • Functional hardware such as cable, clamps, connectors, etc.

  •   Help in locating a professional installer in your area

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